Image: Laura Asselborn. Sound of Slithering Knifes. POA

Printmaker Jack Duganne coined the name Giclée in 1991 and it is today used to describe fine art printing using pigment based, archival quality inks, created using high quality printers.

Artists were invited to consider and to expand upon their use of Giclée printing wherever it was normally situated within their practice or within their thoughts with no conceptual restrictions or obstacles. Regarding this process as perhaps more of a propositional status which can lead to a different appreciation of its potential within art making practices: To re-consider an expanded dialogue where the print is a work in progress or a tool, a digital prototype to be messed with, a technology like all others to be fucked with.

Artists include Scott Robertson, Patrick Adam Jones, Neil Eastell, Peter Fillingham, Laura Asselborn, Rowan Corkill, Mark Spelman, Naomi Holdbrook, Jaf Yusuf, Colin Heminway, Jim Hobbs, Jamie Atherton, Alexandra Drawbridge, William Bartlett, Zoe Childerley