It is so exciting to hear that Grace Lau has won the Global SinoPhoto Award. We are delighted that Grace’s Chinese Studio is coming to Solaris in May, followed by her solo exhibition later in the year.

”The Winners of the Global SinoPhoto Awards 2024 were announced and celebrated at an entertaining and lively event, hosted by GSPA together with The British Library, on Monday 5th February. Grace Lau is the winner of the Betser Prize with a selection from her 400+ image series, 21st Century Types, taken in her Chinese Studio Hastings, UK. Lau says, “Through this project I am making an oblique comment on Imperialist visions of the ‘exotic’ Chinese and by reversing roles, I have become the Imperialist photographer documenting my exotic subjects in the ‘Port’ of Hastings.”

The Global SinoPhoto Awards aims to communicate Chinese culture and values through remarkable imagery and to connect photographers internationally.

The Finalists Exhibition at Christie’s Gallery showing 6 Artists is on until 14th February 2024